Monday 2 April 2012

This little outfit was one of DD's birthday presents. The camera hasn't caught how beautiful the fabric really is, but if you've ever seen Chinese silk fabrics then you can guess how stunning this looks. But why, I hear you ask, haven't you shown us a picture of your DD wearing it? Well, because every time I put clothes on her and the moment...............
.... this happens. I've been assured it is just a stage most kids go through, but I'm praying its a short one. You don't half get some funny looks in Asda pushing a nude baby around in a trolley.

This photo is of another birthday present. This time from my mum, every year she makes DD a new quilt, and this is her quilt for this year. I love the spring colors and fringed edges. It's backed with fleece so it isn't to heavy for the warm weather at nap time. As you can see DD is in complete love with her new blankie and your lucky I managed to get a snap of it at all.
A close up at some of the detail on DD's quilt. The flower and the leaf boarder are just lovely. The quilt also has hearts, stars and DD's initials. I wish fabric wouldn't run from me screaming and I could soak up some of Mum's talent.
Oh well I best run off an make DD and me some lunch before I cause a tantrum. Seeing as she's still in the nude I'm going to whip up some beans on toast. If she gets to messy I can pop in the bath for a cool down and a clean up.

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