Tuesday 3 April 2012

Nail art that doesn't.

That isn't a photo of my nails above. All my photos came out a blurry mess, so I had a quick google and found this one. My nails do look almost exactly like that though. They were supposed to be Nail art Pikachu's, but the yellow nail varnish I picked up today is pants!
After two coats it looked streaky and uneven. You could also still make out the line of the whites of my nail underneath. Needless to say an email of complaint will be sent off very shortly to the company who made this particular nail polish.
The crackle effect top coat from Miss Sixty however saved the day!!! It's so amazing to watch as it dries and splits over your nail creating beautiful almost bark like patterns.
Do any of my blog readers like to paint their nails?
x x x

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