Monday 9 April 2012

Rain rain go away...

What a horrible rainy day we are having here in the South. Though I must admit when I popped some rubbish in the bin shed earlier the air smelled amazing and fresh. The plants are probably welcoming it quite happily and as long as its only for one day I don't really mind.
On Sunday our lovely kind neighbour knocked on the door and gave DD an Easter egg. She always pops in a little something for DD and our other neighbours children throughout the year. Be it Halloween, Christmas or even St.Patrick's day there will be little gift waiting by our door or popped through the letterbox.
So today our main job to do was making a Thank you card in return for her kindness. I popped Cats and Dogs on the telly to keep us company while Daddy had a much deserved lie in, and we busted out the craft supplies. After 20 minutes of cutting, sticking and coloring later our masterpiece was ready. DD is now covered in pen and watching the end of her movie after we delivered her paper creation into the neighbours letterbox.
All in all a successful and worthy use for a morning.

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