Saturday 28 April 2012

Bedroom corner

  I couldn't think of what to blog about today so I've been reading some other blogs for inspiration. A lot of people seem to be doing little tours of their homes, so I thought why not.
This is the first place I visit thanks to it homing the alarm clock. The alarm was my husbands from years before he'd met me and is still going strong. I really like waking up to various morning chat shows rather than some horrible electronic beeping.
The book is the complete works of Austen. It was given to me on my 21st birthday by my MIL. The pages are all silver edged and it is full of beautiful illustrations. I have read from it a few times but it is enormously heavy. I'm looking forward to reading it with DD when she is older.

 This is my little jewellery chest. I love the way the wood match's the dressing table's wood.OH brought it for me a few years ago as a birthday present. I'd been cooing over it in a charity shop window for about a week prior so I was so pleased when I unwrapped it. In the mirror section I collect up all those little packets of Silica gel I seem to accumulate. I like to pop them in with knitted gifts etc if I am posting them, to keep them safe. I don't keep anything else in here as I stand things on top of it and can't be doing with moving everything all the time.
 The two drawers contain my DS games and accessories. I am a huge Nintendo fan and love to curl in bed with a game to play in the evenings. OH hates lights when it comes to sleeping so this solves the argument about me having a small light on to read a book. Every few months I clear them all out and OH puts them into his shop for sale, as interesting games come in to his store on trade I pick out any I fancy trying and the whole process starts over again. Making it an extremely low cost form of entertainment to enjoy.
  On top of my treasure chest lives the London Dragon. For my 21st birthday OH whisked me away for a romantic weekend to London. One our first evening he proposed over a lovely dinner, and on the second day we went shopping in Covent Garden. OH fell in love with the dragon in a shop that was closing down, I think it cost us £10 or there abouts. Every so often I give him a good dust down with a clean dry paintbrush or make up brush, and occasionally a new home elsewhere on a windowsill or bookcase when we rearrange everything. He tends to be one of those love it or hate it items though to most people.
 The little box came from a charity shop in Lee on Solent. It's made from old vintage Christmas cards and wallpaper and sewn together with the most dainty little stitches. I picked it up with the idea of copying the idea for a craft stall one day but I haven't got round to it yet. It should really be in with our box of Xmas decorations but I love the shape and I feel like it fits in really well with my other vintage bits on the dresser.

 So there you have it, a corner of my home and a few memories shared with you guys. I've actually really enjoyed remembering the story's behind some of the pieces. Who else fancies sharing a corner of their home on their blog?

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  1. I am intrigued by that little round [wooden?] cat in the bottom right of the picture!

    I have made Christmas Cards into boxes in the past - but never shaped as elegantly as yours

    weekend blessings x


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