Wednesday 4 April 2012

Easter Cooking with DD

First take your DD, a large pile of rubbish chocolate they were giving away in IKEA on Valentines Day, a big bowl, spoon and microwave. Clear several miles of space around all of the above items in case of accidents because they will happen.
Melt the chocolate in the microwave gently, getting DD to stir furiously each time you take it out. Once it is a lovely gooey mess go onto step 2.

Stir in as many cornflakes as you can physically fit into the bowl. At this stage you may add any other nummy treats you happen to have to hand, like raisins or marshmallows ect. Beware that your little helper with probably pick them out during the rest of the process as a small cooking time snack.

Take great care to avoid chocolaty hugs at this stage.

Once stirred to death, spoon into cake cases and arrange artfully on a tray. Take a lovely photo of DD making a silly face and looking proudly over her handiwork as you weep for your poor kitchen.

And finally leave them randomly in the middle of the kitchen floor for Daddy to find when he comes home from work.

Happy cooking everyone
x x x

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