Thursday 26 April 2012

An afternoon by the sea

  OH had an afternoon off from our shop today, so we decided not to waste it and have a lovely family trip to a local beach. The rain held off while we were there but it was far to windy for DD on the front. I managed to snap a few photos while OH distracted her. You can see from all the seaweed in the surf how rough it was. The smell of the sea air was wonderful though, I wish you could bottle it.

  I love beach combing usually so I was disappointed that we couldn't find all manner of treasures today. Just on the walk to get the photo above I spotted half a dozen cuttlefish bones. There used to be a local pet shop that would buy them off you for 50p a pop, but sadly it hasn't survived the recession and changing high street. I could have made enough to cover our lunch at the arcade cafe easy peasy. Before we had DD we used to collect the bones after a stormy night and use it as our takeaway money. It  was a lovely excuse to have a romantic stroll together and free tea afterwards.

  DD has been off her food for a few days so it was really nice to watch her enjoying her sausage, beans and toast. She soon polished most of off and even added a few mushrooms and tomatoes from Daddy's jumbo fried breakfast. 
  Mummy and DD
  After our slap up meal DD had a quick ride on the fun bus, before we hit the amusement arcades. Using the change from our lunch, we stocked up on 2p's and went to try our luck on the penny machines.

 And here are our winnings.
  17  toffees
 2 Fizzy sherbets
 1 Mr Chew
2 Mini packs of Lovehearts
1 pack of Fizzers
2 Double lollipops
2 England whistles
1 World cup keyring
1 Shoe keyring
1 toy car
1 Nici phone hanger
1 Novelty beaded bracelet.

 All in all a wonderful afternoon out for the grand price of £10. Sure we could have taken a packed lunch and avoided the arcade, but the reason we live the frugal lifestyle that we do is in order to have these types of days and afternoons out. It gives us a wonderful chance to bond as a family and gives us all a little something to look forward to each month. In fact OH enjoyed it so much he is organising a mystery day out for us all on Monday. So far I haven't been able to squeeze anything out of him about where we are going, but he assures me it will be worth taking my camera to blog about it afterwards. Sounds exciting don't you think?

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  1. Can't wait to see the pictures!

    I do miss living near the seaside [almost 100 miles from any coastline here in the midlands, sadly] DD is growing fast [its all those beans and sausages]

    blessings x


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