Wednesday 25 April 2012

Merry Christmas for the bump

 Taggie book £1

 I know it's only April but already my thoughts are turning towards Christmas. With our baby due to arrive late August/Early September getting organised for Christmas is a high priority. So I am starting my present stockpile today with this little Taggie book. I picked it up for a meagre £1 in my favourite charity shop, I almost squealed when I spotted the Taggie label. I have been able to find it here on Amazon. It seems that I have nabbed myself a nice bargain.
 I'm putting it aside for bump as s/he will be about 4/5 months when the festivities take place, and this soft light cloth book is just perfect for cuddling, stroking, tugging and chewing. 

 In other news I have finished knitting the arms for my pom pon project and have almost finished the back panel. Hopefully I can reveal my experiments results on Friday or Saturday and get  pattern written up for anyone who is interested.

 x x x x

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