Monday, 8 January 2018

This Boots was made for shopping

This year I'm hoping to take more advantage of store loyalty schemes. I applied for several over the Christmas period and the first to arrive was my Boots advantage card.
The card arrived with a welcome voucher offering a 100 point boost (worth £1) with my first purchase. 
I originally planned to buy the cheapest item I could find, a packet of paracetamol for 25p.
But I noticed an offer on the Boots app offering 75 points with a purchase of shampoo or conditioner. 
 Boots own brand shampoo costs 75p so by using the two offers together my shampoo gave me £1.75 in store credit.

Once I paid at the till I passed a clearance trolley which was annoyingly the wrong side of the tills to spot and browse while queuing. I guess that may be the point. 
I noticed there was a handful of kinder joy eggs reduced to 10p as they were the Christmas branded ones. I picked up 3 as a little treat for the children. At the till the cashier said they were 50% off marked price as part of their Christmas promotion. 

I went back and picked up 9 More! 
These things can make a long car journey or waiting room wait a lot easier to handle. Definitely worth 5p each. 
I'm going to pop back tomorrow and see what else has been added to the trolley. 
I don't usually shop in boots but I may be converted!

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  1. That was a good bargain. I don't usually shop in Boots either but perhaps I will have a look.

  2. well done you, it's worthwhile looking in the clearance section. I think all kids love Kinder eggs......

  3. I love clever shopping like this 😊 Brilliant.


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