Wednesday 31 January 2018

January Blues

We started off pretty well but unfortunately we have fallen foul of the winter bugs. So far we've all suffered the norovirus and heavy head colds. 
DD1 is getting a bit anxious about the baby arriving, mostly about me being in hospital and how Dad is going to cope with remembering everything for school etc. I've promised to write out lots of lists and instructions for him to follow. 
DD2 is struggling against the bugs. The hand foot and mouth she had before Christmas is now making her loose her fingernails and she's currently recovering from a UTI infection. Her immune system is pretty much running on fumes I think. 

G-man seems to be picking up lots of small sniffly colds, though not to the same level as DD2. He bounces back much quicker from them after a days rest.

Hubby is working a fair few hours at the moment. There's a lot of staff sickness needing hours covering and he's building up his time owed for babies arrival. He is a bit tired but still has enough energy to make whaling jokes when I'm in the bathtub. 
And finally me. I'm definitely on the slow down now ready for new baby. Everything is getting hard to reach, and I get a bit achey if I try to do to much. Lots of knitting and box sets on Netflix is the current answer. Though nesting is definitely full swing and hubby keeps finding all kinds of things in the washing machine or soaking in bleach.

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  1. Hope you all feel better soon. Yes best to get what rest you can before baby arrives.

  2. I hope that as the weather improves the family health picks up again. All the best with the new arrival.
    J x


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