Wednesday 10 January 2018

Crazy child

Yesterday I found a dressing gown for DD2 in one of the charity shops. It was only £1 and just pink enough for my girly girl. 
Her current dressing gown is getting a bit short in the arms and will be stored away for baby bump. 
Unfortunately I didn't hide it well enough under the buggy. DD2 clocked it straight away.
"What's that? Can I see it? Is it mine? Can I keep it?" 
The only way to get her home with out a tantrum was to let her wear it! Thankfully under her coat, but it still got us several odd looks as we completed the school run and caught the bus home.
She didn't take off until she climbed into bed that evening. Thankfully she didn't ask to wear it this morning to school!

X x X


  1. Lol this made me laugh about her wearing it home xxx

  2. Definitely a hit if DD2 insisted on wearing it right away xx Michelle down-under in Wellington, NZ

  3. A successful purchase them :-)


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