Thursday 4 January 2018

Back to school

Both of the girls took some coaxing to get up and get dressed this morning. To be quite honest so did I. It was far to dark and cold to be getting up, but we had to do it. 

I picked up a few freebies from various apps and loyalty cards. A free drink (£1.60) free magazine (£2.50) and free de icer (£2).
The postman passed us on route and gave me my post from the RSPB. I'm looking forward to birdwatching with the girls later in the month.

Hubby had to pop into work and complete some paper work so I had a few hours to look around the shops. I picked up some magazine files from Poundland for my growing collection of garden magazines.
10 cards from card factory for £1, a set of pretty notebooks for 99p and a new toy car and blanket from the charity shop.

The blanket is just perfect for covering one of the lounge sofas. It's super soft and warm, perfect for snuggling into on chilly evenings. And every shade of purple! My favourite colour. It only cost £2! Heaven!

X x X


  1. Well done on the haul especially the lovely quilt.

  2. lovely quilt - not a blanket. Amish have a reputation for qult making. They did learn their skills form Welsh and Durham quilters though. Another skill to learn. Brenda

  3. Wow you did well with the blanket. It is beautiful. Its hard to get up when its so dark outside as it feels like the middle of the night.

  4. Brilliant shopping. The blanket looks really good on your sofa, and good for snoozing on. In our Winter the days are a bit longer with sunset around 5.00pm. At the moment we are besieged by a Summer Cyclone so while it isn't cold (16C) it is very wet and will soon be very windy. Not good further north than me where the storm came along with King Tides (Super Moon effect). Sending thoughts of warmth and comfort your way,
    Michelle in Wellington, NZ

  5. Beautiful blanket, what a bargain 😊


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