Friday 11 September 2015

Winter cleaning.

I've been dying to deep clean the girls bedroom for the last few weeks. DD has taken to playing in there when the two smaller siblings are annoying her. This means it's full of toys, books and drawing things. Plus the general dust and debris of a children's bedroom.

So today once DD was safely in school I convinced my Hubby to pull out all the furniture for a good thorough clean, then made him rearrange everything in exchange for some biscuits.
DD now has her own end of the bedroom.

And Baby D  has the other end.
I've found out all the winter bedding and popped it onto the the beds after a good air out in the garden.
The cupboard and drawers have all been polished, carpets hoovered, and all fabric surfaces sprayed with fabric freshner.
 It so much nicer  I think I might have a sleepover with them tonight lol.
My room is next on the list!

X x


  1. I will start to deep clean the house in a few weeks, room by room as I like it all done in time for Christmas. I wash all the skirting boards, door frames and doors down with hot soapy water - living next to a farm, these things get more dusty and mucky quicker than they should!
    Depending on how many windy drying days I can catch, I will also take down curtains to wash and line dry before ironing them and putting them back up.
    Then the nights where I am on my own or DS is fast asleep, I will pull everything from the kitchen cupboards given them a thorough clean and put everything back in again. Its tiring work but looks so much nicer and cleaner afterwards.
    Your girls bedroom looks lovely and seems such a big spacious room - perfect for playing with their toys in there :)

  2. The bedroom looks lovely. I work on a room each week from the beginning of September until Christmas. Its so nice to have a lovely clean home x


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