Friday 4 September 2015

Sick day and future plans.

I've woken up this morning with the most horrible cold. I haven't moved all day from my blanket nest on the sofa (at Hubby's insistence)
 OH has done all the school runs, every nappy, every feed. He's been wonderful.
I was even surprised with some beautiful flowers on his way home from dropping off DD.

Laying in my fleece and chenille nest and watching daytime telly has led to me seeing a huge amount of advertising. One in particular about Disney world Paris got me thinking. 
I would love to take the children there one day. I  remember going with my parents years ago and really enjoying it. 
 So I am setting a two year plan starting from the 1st September to 1/9/17 to save up enough money  to get us all passports and visit the famous Disney castle.

Watch out Disney, the Random's are coming.

X x

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