Monday 14 September 2015

practice makes perfect

I've been experimenting in the kitchen this weekend. I've made my first ever batch of peppermint cremes. They came out tasty but not very aesthetically pleasing.
 Not that any evidence remains lol.

I also made my first ever apple strudel. I used mixed spice and cinnamon to flavour the apples. The whole thing tasted lovely and Christmassy.  But my puff pastry didn't puff very well.
But alas there's no evidence of that either.

Just going to have to make another batch of both I think. 
More practise, tasty tasty practise.

X x x


  1. Hey doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it gets eaten that all that matters..i made peppermint patties for my dad for christmas last year,he loved them..
    take care

  2. I think they both look good, home made is far better anyway x


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