Thursday 3 September 2015

***Major Spoiler Alert for 2015****

Brace yourselves......ready?

Christmas is coming in December! 
And knowing this fact I have started on my gift buying.
Both of the girls are major fans of Paw Patrol, a cartoon about a group of dogs that rescue people and animals. The problem is, it's a current and very popular show. Which also means big price tags on merchandise!  

 Take the stuffed toy collection  for example. £12.49 each. And naturally a child will want all 7 characters right? That's  £87.43 for 7 cuddly toys.
 Want to know a secret?  Visit Ebay.
 We found every character for £4 or just under, including postage. All 7 characters cost under £28.
 This will be the main present for all three of the mini Randoms to share.

We also snapped up some Paw patrol hooded tops for the two girls by using a bidding tool. The auctions for the tops ended at 2.48am for some reason so we used a sniping app to snag them at the last second for 99p each. Funnily enough no one else was bidding on them at that time of the morning.
 Buying cheap Christmas presents in my sleep? Now that's a superpower to proud of right? 

Anyone else made a start on gifts yet? 

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  1. we get that cartoon here in Canada. I have bought all the grandchildren their Christmas gifts. Daughter's gifts and some other odds and ends. I feel like I am ahead of the game which is good. I put money away every week also for Christmas year round.

  2. I don't know them characters but I have bought my DS two Peppa Pig related presents - one of them being his main present so I am very pleased with myself.

    One is a huge Peppa Pig Kitchen with washing machine (double bonus!) and the other is a Peppa Pig slide toy which I think he will like.
    Like I do with anything I am about to buy, I hunt and trawl the net looking for it at the cheapest possible price and Asda George had the unbeatable prices which I was surprised at!
    I am also in a facebook group called Frugal Christmas where people post thrifty tips, where toys are massively reduced and ideas on how to make family gifts :) Some really good ideas :)


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