Friday 18 September 2015


On the way to school today the bus broke down! I must admit I forget to think of buses as just big machines that can break. But break this one did. 
There a lot of grumble people complaining about being late for work.
Luckily I always take the bus before the one I need. This is due to there being two schools on the same bus route, which means it isn't uncommon for me to not be able to get on with my buggy on the first attempt.
I'd rather have ten extra minutes to kill in the playground than ten minutes to make up with all three children in toe. 

We took the opportunity to take some nice photos.
I love this one of DD and Baby D in their flowery raincoats.

DD - Boo has settled nicely back into school but is finding it mental as well as physically draining by the end of the week. Poor thing can barely be offered a choice of two drinks on a Friday evening. 

Baby D - D is loving preschool (moved up from nursery). She is learning new things everyday and has a particular love of learning new songs and rhymes.

G- Lil man is learning to roll. He can manage it left to right so far and just rolls off his playmate in a straight line lol. It will be time to start weaning soon, at the moment we are just giving him tiny tastes of everything to start him off.

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  1. Do you have to take a bus everyday for school? That must work out really expensive - the bus fare near me definitely is! :/

    1. We don't bus everyday but when Hubby's hours clash with the school run its my only choice. A day ticket is £3.70. I've never needed to do it more than three.times in a single week. A weekly ticket about 8.40 so I do the maths to see which is my cheapest option each week.


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