Wednesday 23 September 2015

Advent idea

I was chatting to my fellow mummies in the playground yesterday when the conversation turned to Christmas. One of the mum's said she'd spotted some advent calenders in the poundshop.
 After a conversation about how rubbish chocolate calenders are in general, one of us mentioned a book calender!
The idea is you wrap up one storybook for each day of advent. With many charity shops full of lovely books for a few pennies a time it would be a lovely frugal thing to do for Christmas. So I'm going to give it a go.
The 8 books I picked up yesterday cost just £1 for all 8! Definitely in my price range at that price and we can read them over and over until it's time to replace them with fresh stories.

What a great idea! Don't you think?

X x


  1. It is a great idea. I've seen advent books wrapped & styled like a Christmas tree x

  2. Hi Sarah..i did this last was great fun..i forgot which ones i had wrapped up so i was as surprised as the girls were..we have an advent calender that we made years ago..i pop little chocolates in the pockets..i am doing the books again this year..i have a few more to add to the pile.
    take care

  3. That's what we do every year including activities like hot chocolate night , making cookies, carol singing and watching special xmas movies eg The Snowman. Our daughter gets a card with a note each day it's much nicer then rubbish chocs, she gets enough chocolate in her present pile at xmas. Good find with the books :)

  4. Awesome idea. Wish I'd heard of it when mine were storybook age... We had a fabric advent calendar (several) with little pockets, so we could put our own treats in - either chocolate or not, things like stickers or whatever. Small bits and pieces I could pick up through the year and save money that way. Sometimes there were notes, too, with activities.... But I love the picture book idea.


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