Saturday 19 September 2015

Homely Saturdays

It was just me and the little.humans today, Daddy had to work till 4pm. We busted out the colour in Castle Baby D received for her birthday. It kept both girls nicely entertained for most of the morning.
After lunch though a red mist decended for some reason and I had to keep them separated for the rest of the day.

G-man enjoyed a morning in his bouncer chewing blankets, clothing and toys. I popped him by the patio windows to catch some sunshine and watch me tackle some of the bindweed mountain in the garden. 
In the evening I left everyone in the care of Daddy and went out. I know! OUT! 
My friend invited me to a body shop party and it was lovely to spend a few hours giggling with fellow mum's and testing products. 
I even treated myself to.some face mask cream and a shower gel set.

X  x x


  1. I think it is a good thing for a mother to get out once in a while and leave the children in the sole care of dad. Funnily enough they survive without their mothers. I often felt guilty if I went out for even a short time .

  2. Its gto get out when you are a busy busy mama x

  3. I love my kids and I loved being with them when they were small, but a night out with the girls without them was always a welcome treat! It's important to build some "me time" into your life - everyone will be happier that way :) Sounds like a good time!


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