Friday 13 July 2012

What we have been up up.

  Hasn't it been dire lately? All this horrible weather is making me want to sleep and sleep, but it's driving poor DD potty!!! Being stuck indoors for days on end with a bored toddler is not fun I can tell you! Lucky for me she is rather easily amused but I am running out of ideas fast.
 The picture above is one of two lengths of bunting I made from an old Ladybird book of the seaside. It's made my hallway a little more seasidey and happy.
 I have also made another two notebooks to add to the one I featured recently. I love how these are turning out and once my order of tape has arrived I'm hoping to make a whole pile of them.

  DD and I are attempting our first "big" project. We are converting the cardboard box from Froogs giveaway into a playhouse for DD's toy animals. So far we have coloured in the outer walls, cut a door and a few windows and today we glued on lots of paper squares to make the roof pretty. This was a fab way of using up all the little coloured scraps of paper I've kept from other projects. DD really enjoyed sticking them on and as always we included a little bit of education by talking about the different colours we were sticking on.

 Our next job is to decorate the walls with some sort of brick patten. Possibly some paint and sponges in my future as I'd like to try lots of different creative things. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

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  1. Those kitchen sponges- yellow with a scratchy green side CUT IN HALF [esp if you can find ones with an indent in the sides] are ideal for little hands to hold for sponge painting. And rectangles are a good brick shape.
    Put a squeeze of washing up liquid into the paint [doesn't affect painting, but makes it easier to clean up!]

    Sponge paint some old plain fabric [sheet/ shirt/ pillowcase/ teatowel etc] to make patterned curtains.

    Cut out flowers and paint them, then stick on drinking straw stalks to stick a garden round the sides of the house.

    Buttons make good doorknobs
    Don't forget letter box and house number

    Good that you are introducing colours - you may want to mention shapes- square, triangle and circle are good ones to start with [thats the maths teacher in me!!] How about a string of triangle bunting round the eaves??

    Oooh, I do so wish I was there, I love this sort of project!

    lots of love to you all xxx

  2. Hi Hun! Your baby quilt is next, do you know if the sex? any pref for colours>? I was going to make another scrap quilt with random colours xxxx love froogs


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