Sunday 29 July 2012

Boot Sale Booty

 2x Charlie and Lola books 50p/ 
Reindeer cuddly toy free from a packing up stallholder/ Peppa pig toy 20p

We tried a new local-ish boot sale this morning and I must say I'm quite impressed. It was bustling without being heaving and there were lots and lots of sellers. We arrived quite late but still found plenty of little things to snap up for pence. A lot of people seemed quite desperate to get rid of their things rather than take them back home
 Peppa Pig book, Charlie and Lola travel scrapbook, Charlie and Lola Colour book, That's not my baby book - All 50p each  Jungle sounds book, Pingu album and Colour and Learn colouring book - All 10p each.

 DD is a complete bookworm I think on average we read about 5-6 books throughout the day, and even after those you can often find her sat somewhere reading to herself or her toys. I don't think she could ever have enough books and because we have taught her to take care of them the majority of these will be sold on later. She is only two so sometimes accidents happen but if I have only paid £1 or less for a book it isn't quite so bad.
 Peppa pig PJ's - 50p  Peppa pig nightdress - 50p (not pictured as a certain young lady is sat on it)

 We finished walking around the boot sale at about 12.30 and seeing as the day was turning out so beautifully we decided to go home via Hayling Island. I will blog about what we got up to tomorrow once I have sorted through the photos we took and picked out my favourites.

 I'm planning to have a nice peaceful afternoon napping in front of the Ollys and eating pick and mix sweets. It's a hard life!

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