Friday 27 July 2012

Nice surprises

  Today has been a day of lovely surprises. First my mum gave me a ball of the most gorgeous fancy wool. I've never seen anything like it before, the picture doesn't do it any justice at all and I'm stumped for something to do with it so I will pop it in my stash for now.

  A my big surprise was from my OH. A few months ago we saw an old painted chest in one of those shabby chic type shops and I was really taken with it. The price tag was astronomical as you can probably guess and I didn't think anymore about it. OH however being a clever chappy spotted this one for a mere £5 in a local charity shop about a fortnight ago and snapped it up.

After some major sanding down and a lick of paint, he has made the girls the best jungle theme toy box I have ever seen!!! The whole project has just him less than £10 and DD is utterly thrilled with her new toy box.

 He even made some jungle animal stencils to add a little more jazz.
 I am so lucky to have such a clever, thrifty and arty husband!


  1. Hang on to That Man!! What a brilliant job he has done on the chest.

    Lovely wool too. Check out Zoe Mellors Baby Bootees book - brilliant range of great footwear to knit xx

  2. What a marvellous thing for him to do and it looks wonderful.

  3. That is beautiful and lovely that it was done so cheaply. Love it!


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