Thursday 26 July 2012

Fishy fish fish

 On Tuesday DD was whisked away to a local aquarium by my parents. OH and I had a blissful sunny afternoon catching up with odd jobs and relaxing. When I opened my emails this morning my dad had sent me the photo's he took.
The detail in these photos is incredible! I wish I had even half of his skill when it came taking pictures. OH takes 99% of them for my blog. I sulk and blame my camera like a grown up, but I've been dropping hints to everyone that I would like something camera-ish for my birthday this year in the hope that something more modern might help.
 I I love the little turtle catching a lift on the back of the other turtle. They look like a happy little family enjoying the sunshine.
I I don't have a clue what has caught DD's interest in this photo but she looks really taken with something  in this shot.
  Looking a little bit wary of the big fish in this tank. Perhaps she doesn't trust the glass or perhaps they look are moving a little bit to fast.
I I love this over the shoulder shot.
And finally proof that this was a good day out for DD. Nothing says successful day out like a snoring toddler on the way home.

 In other news OH has told me to expect a surprise tonight, a secret project he has been working on during quiet moments in the shop. I'm all excited as to what it could be.
x x x

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