Thursday 19 July 2012

A long days rest.

 Can you see DD2's face?

  Hello lovely readers (and a wave to my new followers!).
 Things are slow and ploddy here at the Frugal Handmade Home. With just 40 days left into my due date I'm getting bigger, slower and definitely sleepier.
 OH took one look at me this morning and sent me back to bed. Then he took DD with him to work and left me to sleep and sleep and sleep. I didn't wake up till almost 4pm!!! And I hadn't had a bad nights sleep before it either.
 I have noticed however that I've changed shape while I was asleep and my bump is definitely dropping lower and I can breath a lot more freely. I also am having strong urges to clean, polish and bleach everything in sight. This afternoon I have scrubbed the en suite and our bedroom to within an inch of its life while watching Iplayer. Seeing as DD arrived dead on 38 weeks I'm wondering if this is a sign Baby 2 is preparing to come a little earlier.
 I also have a huge huge huge craving for apple juice, apple pies, apple scented things and just apples in general. I wonder if they are particularly high in some vitimin or mineral I'm running low on?

 x x x

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  1. Quilt is finished, on the line and will be posted asap xxx love Froogs


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