Sunday 22 July 2012

Baby Essentials???

 So everyone knows that when babys come along they cost a fair few pennys. Baby equipment isn't cheap, especially if you want everything brand new and shiny. I have been receiving various catalogues and info packs from companies for weeks and they never cease to make me giggle. Here's one I received today and my thoughts on it.

New Baby Bathing Essentials

  • Infant Bathtub  (Never used one, when tiny they were washed in the bath with me or just top and tailed using a bowl of warm water)
  • Soft Hooded Towels
  • Grooming Kit  (Baby hairbrush is the only thing I ever used in the ones I received)
  • Slip resistant bath tub mats (Is my regular bath mat not special enough? It has dolphins on it!!)
  • Bathing Toys  (Empty bottles, a sponge, and a plastic jug - hours of fun and pretty much free)
  • Wash Cloths (I do agree baby skin needs a sponge rather than a scrubby thing but certainly not a special one)
  • Cotton Wool Balls and Cotton Buds
  • Shampoo, Oil and Lotions  (I use Johnsons baby stuff or own brand baby stuff on myself usually so we all just share)

New Baby Bedding Essentials

  • Crib Bedding  
  • Crib Fitted Sheets
  • Crib pad (No idea what this is)
  • Crib Blankets
  • Bassinett Sheets (I used crib blankets for both, the magical bit is folding them in half so they fit!)
  • Lightweight and Heavy Blankets
  • Mattress Pads (Again no idea)
  • Waterproof Liner (I had a mattress protector and changed the sheets every other day/when needed)
  • Changing Mat  (Tea towels did better for me, after a day worth of use you can pop them in the wash and not need to worry about germs lingering)
  • Wallpaper (Cause your newborn will not develop correctly if you don't redecorate!!!)
  • Cot quilt (Saw this and thought of FROOGS!!!!!)
  • Pillow (Never ever ever would I give my newborn a pillow! Surely this would be dangerous?)
  • Curtains  (See wallpaper)
  • Lamp and lampshade (I have a hall light for soft lighting and a main light for bright lighting, no need)
  • Changing Table Cover (For dinner partys perhaps?)
  • Changing Table Pad  (Huh?)
  • Accessories (I brought some cute wall stickers in poundland)

New Baby Clothing Essentials

  • Onesies or Bodysuits
  • Sleepers or Nightgowns  (Is this not the same as above? DD always slept in onesies, in the day she wore people clothes
  • Socks and Booties (Yet to find a bootee that stays on)
  • Light cap for night (as above)
  • Baby Hat, (Maybe if going outside but not indoors)
  • T-shirts (pullover and side-nap) 
  • Mittens  (Won't stay on, just use socks)
  • Cotton shirts
  • Pants (pull on, waterproof) (Pointless, unless baby clothes are in very short supply)
  • Receiving or Swaddle Blankets (Your cot blankets won't do two jobs?)
  • Crib blanket or quilt
  • Sweater / jacket
  • Winter coat
  • Shoes (Pointless until they show signs of standing in my opinion)
  • Sleeveless vests / undershirts
  • Rompers (footed and not)

New Baby Nappies Essentials

Disposable nappies
  • Newborn nappies
  • A supply of cloth nappies is also recommended
Baby ointment / cream / powder (against rashes)
  • Baby wipes (disposable or washable)
  • Nappy Bag (when travelling)

New Baby Feeding Essentials

  • Bottles (washable or disposable)
  • Nipples (fast and slow flow)
  • Bibs, you'll need loads! (Never bothered, only need the occasional muslin for a mop up here and there. DD was never a dribbly baby even though she was an early teether)
  • Steriliser (Microwave, Electric, Boiling...)
  • Bottle Brush
  • Bottle Warmer (Never warmed my bottles, DD learnt quick to accept room temperature/slightly chilled bottles, which means far less faff when out and about)
  • Bottle Drying Rack  (I have a regular plate rack and guess what! It worked fine with bottles!)
  • Teethers 
  • Bottle Caps
  • Bottle Liner (?)
Solid Feeds
  • Feeding Fork and Spoon   (used teaspoons, plastic once DD had teeth)
  • Feeding Bowl  (Regular bowl)
  • Food Blender and grinder  (Use the back of a fork or a potato masher)
  • Plastic sip cup (DD went straight from bottle to straws/normal cups, again so much less fuss when out and about)
Baby Feeding Supplies
  • Highchair
  • Baby wipes (disposable or washable)
  • Plastic spills mats (near the highchair)   (Don't feed them on carpet and your be fine without these)

New Baby Furniture Essentials

  • Chest  (DD had a small chest of drawers that held everything)
  • Dresser  (nope)
  • Crib and Pad  (Crib from freecycle that we washed down )
  • Crib mattress and waterproof pads (Mattress was possibly the only thing we brought new)
  • Changing Table and Pad (If you change you baby on the floor it will never roll off it and break a limb, I used my lap when DD was newborn until I could bend again after my c-section)
  • Bassinet or Cradle (We were gifted one so we used it, but otherwise we wouldn't have bothered)
  • Highchair
  • Toy chest (Cardboard box)
  • Rocking chair (Nope)

New Baby Health and Safety Essentials

  • Thermometer for the nursery  (Used common sense)
  • Ear Thermometer
  • Nasal Aspirator (?)
  • Baby Monitor (We had ears, baby sleeps in room with us until they are past nightfeeds)
  • Safety Gate 
  • Night Light  (Never had one and thanks to lack of it we now have a baby who isn't afraid of the dark)
  • Healthcare Books(Google and emergency mum phonecalls lol)
  • Cupboard Safety Locks  (Why do I need these and a safety gate? Anything remotely dangerous we keep in the kitchen behind the safety gate)
  • Toilet Locks  (These exist? Seriously?)
  • Appliance Locks  (I constantly worry about my new born opening the fridge!!!)
  • Pacifiers  (DD was a thumbsucker before she was even born, and this one appears to be following suit after a recent scan)
  • Outlet Plugs (Interestingly these things actually make sockets more dangerous, google it if you dare!!!!)
  • Door stops (Folded paper works to!)
  • First-aid supplies
  • Fever Reducer
  • Medicine spoon (Used a dropper and still do, they don't to go walkies like spoons)
  • Medicine dropper
  • Disinfecting hand soap (Wouldn't you normally have this?)
  • Teething gel 
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

New Baby Toys, Books and Music Essentials

Toys Essentials
  • Bath toys (Already answered)
  • Stroller toys  (Small regular toy)
  • Crib toys (Cribs are for sleeping so I wouldn't add anything stimulating in here)
  • Soft toys 
  • Development and learning toys
  • Rattles
  • Playgym / Playmat  (Blanket/towel/quilt on the floor)
  • Doorway jumper (Don't see the point in these)
  • Swing (Again no point)
  • Bouncer  (Used the travel system car seat)
Music Essentials
  • Lullaby music  (YouTube or Spotify or a regular radio)
  • Bedtime music ~(ditto)
  • Classical music  (ditto)
  • Educational music (ditto)
  • CD/tape player (Use what you have already)
Well that's a lot of junk wiped off that list and a lot of space saved in my flat lol. 

x x x x


  1. So totally with you on all of this. My children have grown into wonderful adults without ever having a play gym, a changing table, or hooded towels!

    'dresser' is the teenage friend who loves to come round and help change the baby
    'bouncer' is the older friend who comes round to babysit so that you can catch up on sleep deals with the procession of visitors who arrive to interrupt planned nap.
    'nasal aspirator' is female friend or relation [often single/childless] who gets sniffy about your parenting skills.
    'pacifier' is a wonderful husband who calms things down when he walks in the front door just as one frustrated mum is about to explode.

    I probably shouldn't say this in public, but I seemed to have remarkably fast nipples!

    longing to see your quilt from FQ

    blessings xx

  2. This post has been VERY timely and useful. Keep your eyes peeled for a reveal on my blog around the end of August....can't say anymore just yet!

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