Monday 23 July 2012

DD's busy weekend

 She may only be two but DD has quite to social life.  On Saturday we were visited by Nanny S, 2 aunts and a future uncle in law. We had a wander around the town and a nice lunch in the local Pizza Hut. I completely forgot about taking any photos until we all returned to the shop, so clever OH snapped this one quick as they were about to run out the door for my blog. Can you see how strong the genes are in this family? They all look the same, at family events it always amuses me because you can see exactly who has married in at a glance lol.
On Sunday my brothers housemate was hosting a birthday party for his God-daughter, and very kindly invited DD along. It was a gorgeous day and it was so lovely to let DD wild in a nice garden full of toys for the afternoon.
DD fell deeply in love with the paddling pools, one filled with plastic balls and one with water.
 Once she was settled and happily playing with all the other kiddies, OH sneaked me off to a local Harvester for a nice quiet meal. It was a really nice relaxing break as we haven't been out for a meal in quite a while.
Once we got back we found DD entertaining the masses by putting on little dance routines in the conservatory.
She had such a great time, and sleep like a dream last night after all her excitement and birthday cake. Our only issue now is that she keeps asking for more "splash water" (paddling pool) which just isn't going to happen in our flat. So this afternoon we are planning to try out the local swimming pool to see how she gets on.

What a busy life this DD leads eh?  And on Tuesday she's off out again as Grandad has been rather clever and won some free tickets to a local aquarium. I just know shes going to love it.

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