Sunday, 1 July 2018


We've officially been in the house for our first week. There's been a few disasters but we've survived.
Today I am tackling the net curtain situation. I have enough matching fabric for all the windows to match, but the length is to long. This means I have lots of off cuts of net curtain to use up. 
Any ideas readers? 

My mum found three enormous net curtains in the same pattern at a charity shop and snapped them up for us. 
 Thanks mum x

X x X


  1. Net offcuts ;drape over fruit bushes to stop birds eating the currants, cut out circles or squares, no need to hem, and sew beads, buttons or washers round the edge, to make bug-covers for jugs and bowls when you're eating outside, sew a tube, make a casing at the top, thread elastic for instant fairy tutus, make fairy wings (measure wrist to wrist, cut rectangle. stitch wrist loops of elastic to top corners, gather in the middle and pin to back of dress) cut 6"squares or circles, pop a few sweets in the middle, gather up and tie with ribbon, wool (or loom band) to make party favours ..... Endless possibilities. Once you start you'll discover more. But don't bin them!

  2. Hello Sarah - you could make laundry bags out of the offcuts, the type sold for washing delicates. These are also really useful for keeping items together to help with sorting out afterwards e.g. all of DD3s little clothing or Gmans socks. I've made then with french seams (so no raw edges) and pull tapes that I just tie together before throwing into the wash. Also handy bags for buying fruit and veg at markets, pompom style bath (or person) cleaners. This has just reminded me that I need to make some wash bags for my sister. If you want more info please email me on micklenzatgmaildotcom. Enjoy your new home!

  3. Make some simple drawstring bags to use when you buy loose fruit or veg. It keeps a bit more plastic from polluting our planet.

  4. Make some bags to use at the supermarket for vegetables, so you don't need to use plastic ones? or little bags for washing delicate items of clothing in?


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