Monday 2 July 2018

Lounge tour

I was determined to get one room sorted out properly this morning. Seeing as everyone congregates in the lounge most of the time I decided to start there.
So going anti clockwise here's a little tour of our new lounge.
First up the left of the door live the frog family, the 2 footstools and my dresser which houses my Wade Whimsies and the posh China for Christmas or when her Maj pops round for a cuppa.

Left again is the sofa with a very hot GMan melted onto it. The leather cushions are proving very unpopular in this hot weather hence the throw.
The window is just perfect for sewing and knitting! 

Left again are the fishies, we sadly lost several in the stress of the move. I have 3 left for now but we're watching them closely.
And also a sleeping baby W who doesn't like this hot weather at all poor thing. 
  Next to the fish is Gmans builder window where he watches the diggers and workmen.

Left again and we have the TV and bookshelves. Ignore all the photo frames we can't put up anything for the first year so I'm collecting them all up to live together under one of the beds. I'll miss having them up but i understand why.

What do you think?
X x X

P.S - thank you for all your lovely suggestions for the nets. I love the vegetable/fruit bag idea and the gift bag idea. A few laundry bags would definitely be useful and some lavender bags would be lovely in the new wardrobes! Suddenly I'm worried I don't have enough off cuts!!!


  1. It's looking good, it is so important to have one room without chaos. The rest will come soon.

  2. Looks lovely but it is a shame you can't put your pictures up however I do understand why. More importantly do you all like it? x

  3. Had to laught at the leather sofa comment. We've been having the same trouble here - every time we move, we have to peel ourselves off of it. I'm not saying I wish it wasn't so warm, but there are drawbacks! The room looks good :), shame about the fish :(

  4. Such hard work moving into a new house. Looking good already. Hope it cools down a bit soon for you all.


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