Monday 23 July 2018

The Prime Minister's Cat

 A good friend of mine shared one of her favourite games with me a short while back. I'm not quite sure how we got onto the topic of Larry the current Chief Mouser to the Cabinet office, but some how we did. She told me that when her family were on long car journeys they played a game called The Prime Minister's cat. Its a memory game very similar to "I went shopping...". You list interesting attributes in alphabetical order until you can no longer remeber them all or you reach the letter Z.
 Today I was playing it with DD1, who is ridiculously good at these games!
 We ended up with;
The Prime Minister's cat is an amazing buzzy curious dangerous exciting fancy gorgeous handy intelligent jumpy kung-fu fighting lady-like miowing nutrious opinionated pooping quaint rascally cat!

 If you ever find yourself on a very dull journey or long wait in a queue, I recommend giving it a try.

 Let me know how you get on in the comments.

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  1. It's also good for helping you drop off to sleep!

  2. I often play games like thet with children with not such good memories. Makes a change from Kim's game and increases their vocabulary at the same time. When I was little we called it 'My Grandmother's Cat' and it was a favourite on long car journeys.

  3. We played a similar cat game except it had to be things which all started with the same letter - you take turns and can't repeat. I can't remember whose cat it was - but for instance, my grandmother's cat is a curious cat. My grandmother's cat is a cantankerous cat. My grandmother's cat is a calico cat. and so on. Then you change the letter. I remember playing this game with the letter "p" on a train in Yorkshire with my son when he was about 8 and we went on for ages and ages - when we finally stopped, this guy across the aisle on the train spoke to us to say how impressed he was with my son's vocabulary in thinking of so many different adjectives. Funny how things stick with you!


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