Monday 9 July 2018

Peter Pan

 I found the most beautiful copy of Peter Pan in an Eastleigh charity shop last week. After all the moving expenses we are trying to be pretty frugal for a few months, but the 50p price tag was just to tempting to resist.
 Inside each chapter are interactive pages like little fold out maps or paper compasses and clock faces with hands that really move. Its stunning. Amazon and Ebay price copys at around £10-£15! So my 50p was an amazing bargain!
 I'm planning to read a chapter a day to the children and make some relevent crafts along the way. In chapter one, Wendy tells her mother that Peter has left skelaton leaves by her window because he came in without wiping his feet. So this afternoon we will be drawing and cutting our own skelaton leaves while listening to the story. At least that's the plan!

 X x X

P.S - we are still waiting for the estate to be connected to the internet. However Costa have free wi-fi and I walk past it 4 times a day on the school run so I should be able to post most days! Hurrah!


  1. Coincidentally next January the pantomime of Peter Pan will be staged at The Point in Eastleigh. So brush up on the story before then! Lovely charity shop find I have to say.


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