Thursday 28 June 2018

We're in!

Well there's aliens in the garden and boxes everywhere you look, but we are officially relocated!
We managed to find a local school with spaces for the girls almost immediately. They finished their old school Friday and started the new one the following Tuesday.
Most of the estate is still being build so GMan can be found hanging out the window gasping at all the machinery, diggers and workmen. Several of them now give him a cheery wave as they walk past. I think he's become a mascot 😂
Baby W is probably completely unaware anything is different but a much much shorter school run means a lot less time strapped into her buggy which can only be a good thing.
I'm finding it a bit harder to settle in but I think I'll feel better once the unpacking is all finished. 

Thank you for all the lovely wishes for our move 😍

X x X


  1. Wonderful news, so pleased for you and your small people

  2. Glad everything went well and sure you will settle soon.

  3. Glad that you are in, safe and sound. Give yourself a break, it takes time to settle in a new home and you will be getting everybody else settled first.

  4. Happiness and joy in your new home. So glad that school has been sorted out so quickly xx

  5. Enjoy your new home. My parents moved into a council house on a new estate when I was one. I grew up with lots of playmates I hope your children have as much fun.

  6. So pleased you're in your very new home. Great that the work on the rest of the estate keeps Gman enthralled, I hope this gives you so moments to yourself and with DD3. I am so happy and excited for you all, Michelle in Wellington, NZ

  7. Good to hear that the move went OK and the girls are enrolled in school. I hope everyone - you included - quickly feel settled and at home in your new house.


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