Monday 4 June 2018

Back to school

First day back hasn't gone well for DD1. She refused to go to sleep last night until 10.30pm! Unsurprisingly today she is a complete joy to be around(!). 
I think mostly its anxiety about returning to school. She has a bully who is making life tough for her 😡 DD1 is desperate for us to move and leave "stupidface" behind.

DD2 survived her first day at school! Traditionally the first day back lasts a few hours before we get a school phone call. However the week is young and I'm sure the school will be in touch again soon 🙄
I bought the dress in the photo today. It was 20p from Sue Ryders rummage bins. I thought it would fit DD1 as it says 10 on the label but she complained it was too tight. 

GMan has had a nice day. We had lunch at a local cafe which also houses the local food bank. All cafe profits go back into supporting the food bank so it gives me a good feeling to support it. We had fresh apple juice and hot buttered toast each for £1.50! 
The Sue Ryder rummage bin also gave him a new pair of Batman print pyjamas. The manager insisted on charging 20p for them even though they are technically two items. She said it was because I was a good customer and they were a set. 

Baby W is 2 months old today. We celebrated by getting dolled up in this beautiful linen summer dress. She looked like a little doll in the pram and several people compliment her outfit. 
She is almost rolling over from her back. She can get her top half over easy enough but gets her bottom half stuck half way and you find her pedalling air and getting very frustrated. I think she'll soon have it cracked though. Then we can work on doing it the other way 😂

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