Friday, 3 June 2016

Space week - so many memories.

On Wednesday we took a trip to London.
We spent the morning in the Science Museum and the afternoon at the Natural History Museum.  
The girls loved it as they always do. We took a picnic lunch with us so it was a pretty frugal day out.
The highlight of the trip was DD1 finding out that astronauts wear nappies in space, she thought it was hilarious.

Today we visited a local model village.  It was recently taken over by new owners who have done a wonderful job of repairing and replacing what they could. The whole site was in a dire state when it changed hands, but it's a wonderful place to take the children.
 We also visited the natural history museum in Southsea to see their bee colony. DD2 was fascinated with watching them wriggle around over the combs.

Tomorrow is our last official day of the holidays. Sunday is reserved as a resting and prep day for back to school.

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  1. I do think it's great how well you plan and execute the themed activities for the children. They obviously have a great time & you are very creative. So many parents don't bother with planning for a holiday like this.


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