Sunday, 12 June 2016

Getting Summer Ready.

We have officially finalised our 6 themes for the Summer holidays. I know a few of you have been emailing me about organising themed weeks during the holidays, so I wanted to share the process we go through with everyone.
Our 6 themes are;
* Animal week 
* Nature week
* Lego week
* Seaside week
* Music-ish week
* Dinosaur week

All themes are wide open general themes so we have plenty of room to manoeuvre. 
Music-ish week is going to general music, theatre, performance, drama week but for the sake of wasted stickers we've gone with music-ish for short. Lol.

Each week has a real life folder for collecting bits between now and summer. They also each have Pinterest boards for ideas.
I've started digging through 6 for £1 book piles in charity shops looking for cheap additions. The poundshops are also a minefield of craft kits, stickers and toys.

Is anyone else planning? What are your themes this year? 

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