Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sunday Shenanigans

It's been one of those days where your just glad to stop at the end of it. 
First we were treated to a full English breakfast at our favourite seaside cafe by Daddy Random. Apparently he dreamed about eating one last night  and woke with a craving for one. 

Then the girls went to a friends birthday party. Gman and Daddy stayed home so G could sleep off his gigantic breakfast. I have a sneaky suspicion that that's what Daddy also did,  though he of course won't admit it.

And then in the late afternoon Gman caught his toenail on something. It appears to have ripped straight down the centre. 
We popped him to the pharmacist to see if they recommend doing something with it.  For now we just need let nature do it's thing, unless of course it starts causing G any pain. I'm going to pop a sock on it overnight to stop it catching on his bed covers buy otherwise there isn't much to do
Gman seems blissfully oblivious.

X x x

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