Saturday, 25 June 2016

A soggy days work.

I was quite proud of my little plant stall today. Thanks to lots of donations being added to my own growing efforts, I had a table stuffed full of plant delights.
Everything was priced at 50p and I finished the day with only a small tray of plants left.  Apparently no one fancied spider plants or oriental grass. They've been gifted to the school flower beds, the gardening club will be planting them on Monday.

Once everything was finally packed away I made it home in time to see the girls just before bedtime. It was lovely to come home and see them cuddled up together under a blanket, enjoying a film.

Tomorrow morning I am taking a well earned lay in. But to help Daddy out first thing I've whipped up a nice quiet activity.
Design your own paperdolls, complete with a nice box of shiny, feathery, fabricy,  papery type things to use. 
Hopefully it should give him half hour of peace.

X x X


  1. Your plant stall looks lovely and what a bargain to buy plants at 50p. Hope you enjoy your sleep in and how thoughtful organising an activity to help out x

  2. I used to love paper dressing up dolls - quite a while ago now! Well done on the plant stall


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