Monday, 6 June 2016

Kind friends

Gman is getting bigger and bigger. I mentioned to a friend at the end of last term that G was almost ready to go into 12-18mth clothes.

Today that friend gifted us three huge bags of boys clothes in exactly the size he needed. He's set for the duration with an outfit for every occasion. 
My friend said she was glad to pass them on to a good home. It's inspired me to pass some of G's tinier clothes on to a new life.
 Tomorrow's organising job has been decided. Lol.

X x X


  1. Gorgeous little boy! Isn't it wonderful when friends pass on their hand-me-downs? I'm always so grateful but they insist it helps them out more! De-cluttering!

  2. What a great gesture to have all new clothes. I find this is a great thing with mums as they often share hand me downs. I know my group of friends often hand down clothes. It's a great saving and great way to reuse clothes.


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