Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 4 - Space week

Today has been decidedly non spacey. 
The weather has been pretty grotty and everyone is a bit tired and grouchy.
Tomorrow is our big museum trip so it'll make up for today by being extra spacey! I've prepared the picnics and packed the backpacks for everyone already. 

Late last night DD1 lost her very first baby tooth. It's been bugging her for days so we are all relieved it's come out. This morning she found it replaced by a shiny coin beneath her pillow.

Our main activity of the day was a trip to the cinema. Kids Club tickets are only £2.50 a head if you see a 10 am movie. We watched Kung fu panda 3, everyone enjoyed it.
I missed the last 20 minutes as Gman woke from his nap a little earlier than usual but overall we did really well.

X x x

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