Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tucking things away....

Who doesn't like dressing up like a princess?  And in these beautiful reversable dresses my girls can have double choice!  The larger of two is perfect size for DD1 she can now choose to be Belle or Sleeping Beauty. DD2 can choose to be Snow White or Sleeping Beauty.

Both have been pre loved with a few little pulls in the fabric and one dress needed a quick few stitches as a strap was a little loose. 
But I was quite happy with them for £1.50 each! They have been repaired, washed, dried in secret and stashed away for the the big C. 
According to the  Disney online story similar dresses are £35! 
I definitely feel like I've bagged the bargain of the year for my girls.
But the real question is of course which princess to be first? Decisions....decisions.....

x x x

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