Sunday 22 November 2015

Homemade Christmas begins.

As the title of my blog suggests we are a family who loves anything homemade. Christmas for the Random's is certainly no different. In fact I personally believe that anyone can 'buy' Christmas, but it takes skill to 'make' one. 
Being such a horrid cold and soggy weekend we have busted the Christmas crafts out a week early.  

We decided our first make would be a Partridge in a Pear tree from The Sugar Plum Christmas Book.
 We busted out a handful of crafty bits the lovely Kate kindly sent us earlier in the year and went to work. 
In the past few years I think we have made almost everything in the sugar plum book. We've certainly read all the stories and sung all the rhymes many many times. 
 Expect to see a lot more of it as we enter December and keep making our Christmas together.

Have you made anything for the big day yet?
X x x

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  1. Love the partridge in a pear tree! Glad to be, however peripherally, a part of your crafty Christmas.


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