Monday 23 November 2015

A little prep for the times ahead.

I picked up a big bag of sweet potato's this morning in Aldi. I only popped on for a quick nappy run, but I was distracted as usual by the fruit and veg section.
As soon as I saw them I knew I fancied some sweet potato pie,,so I snapped them up and spent the afternoon in the kitchen.
 I had enough for two medium sized pies so I will freeze one down for Boxing day tea. The other will possibly last until Wednesday but it depends on how well i can hide it in the fridge. Mr.Random is always snooping for a snack hen he gets in from work late.

 I've saved a few offcuts to try and grow on the windowsill. According to Pinterest I could grow my own bucketful of sweet potatoes from the ends of each tuber. If it works, I'll be a very happy bunny.
Watch this space!

X x X

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