Monday 16 November 2015

Returning to blogging and simple living.

I feel like I need to start over. We aren't eating particularly well at the moment and I need to wean everyone onto consuming large amounts of fruit and veg ready for next year's veg plot plans.
I've started by buying this fortnight's super 6 deals from Aldi. Along with a few family favourites.
Romaine lettuce, parsnips, bananas, apples, cucumber, raisins and persimmon.

I've made a nice batch of cherry and coconut shortbread for the weeks after school treats too.

 I'm planning to make tuna salad boats tomorrow for everyone to start us off on the right foot. I will try and share a photo tomorrow.

 X x


  1. I'm with you on this need. I find a direct relationship between blogging and poor money management/dodgy eating! I need to get back to doing both.

    Good luck getting back on the straight and narrow :-)


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