Saturday 28 November 2015

Saturday - 5 Frugal Things

1; Free lunch today and tomorrow thanks to leftover party food from a family party. The girls are very happy!

2; Started some cress on the windowsill. Later in the week we will make some egg and cress sandwiches together.

3; Watching a new DVD (bought with survey vouchers) as a family reward for completing our kindness chart together.

4; I managed to snaffle the girls a costume jewellery bracelet each for their Christmas stocking. Sometimes there are perks to small people waking you in the early hours.

5; Keeping the central heating off and opting instead to snuggle under a pile of blankets and duvets together.

X x x

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  1. My boyf absolutely loves buffet food!
    By the way, how did the Tuna Salad go? I was eating a tuna sandwich today and it popped into my head! lol


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