Thursday 26 November 2015

Party Clothes Rescue.

I'm pretty useless at clothes. I'm a firm member of the "practical and fits" brigade rather than a fashionista type. So the idea of finding a nice outfit for a family do fills me with dread.
However the clothing gods have smiled upon me.

I was in Cancer Research looking rather baffled at the racks of ladies clothes, and holding random things against each other in a vague attempt to find something matching. After a few minutes I was ready to give up and trying to think up a good short notice excuse to not attend.
One of the ladies behind the till piped up "what's the event dear?" And boom we were off! 

Ten minutes later and I had this! A pretty floral blouse from Cotton Trader, a supersoft Peacocks jumper and a smart pair of  Marks and Spencer trousers. The entire outfit cost just £5!
I am reliably informed that this is the perfect outfit for a birthday party on a boat with your in laws.
I'd never of found any of this without their help. They both told me to pop in anytime on a Tuesday or Wednesday and they'd help me organise more outfits. I think I might just take them up on it as well.
And if this outfit goes down nicely at the weekend, I will also take them in a little chocolatey something to say thank you.

x X x


  1. That is a great outfit for a bargain. Well done.


  2. Great outfit - what lovely ladies. And a real bargain in a good cause. Hope the party goes well. The trousers look really good quality - worth £5 on their own. I got a lovely Wallis tunic in our CR charity shop this afternoon for £6 to wear at some Christmas events here.

  3. Looks lovely and a bargain too :)

    I love having a good rummage in the charity shops, I have found some lovely clothes for us all :)

  4. Nice outfit - and don't you love people? :)

  5. Excellent! I would imagine that they had a good time helping you as well. It looks a very suitable & frugal outfit. I look forward to seeing what else they pick out for you!!


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