Monday 9 December 2013

It's just another manic Monday

 It's been manic here today. Every few hours we have been checking our online sales and finding another two or three things needing posting. Which is fantastic for our sales but it means I have to stand in ques like the one above regularly in the Post Office.

 However the wonderful people at Waitrose cheered me up no end with these four little goodies from their reduced baskets. I LOVE bagels! Chilly weather, Bagels and homemade jam is just a match made in heaven.
 The pastry is something I've always made myself but as it was a ridiculous price I was tempted. Plus Anchor have a reward points scheme that I've been told is good.

Yup, it really was that cheap! I love doubled up promotions.

Once we got home DD wasted no time in making up a batch of heart shaped mince pies. We had one each after our dinner and they are delicious! I think they might be lucky to make it to the morning as OH is already eyeing them up each time he enters the kitchen.
 She did the entire thing herself , only needing me to open the jar of mincemeat and do the oven side of the baking. It meant I could get on with reboiling my marmalade from yesterday which hadn't quite set overnight.

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