Sunday 8 December 2013

Busy weekend

 DD and the Birthday Princess.

 Saturday's birthday party for Princess H was brilliant fun. DD let me put her hair up for the party and kept in for the whole event, only taking it out once we got back through our front door. I was flabbergasted as DD hates anything in hair usually and fights against even wearing a hat.

 DD and one of her many balloons

DD was entertained by the copious amount of balloons everywhere you looked. She was very industrious and tried to collect them all in one place to make her own little stockpile. She also was giving out free hugs to anyone who moved close enough (whether they wanted one of not).

 DD munching her cucumber

Birthday Girl's mum put on a wonderful spread of finger foods for all ages and abilities. There was even jelly in little pots!
 Baby D munching

Baby D found the Jam sandwiches particularly declicious and I think she's have happily scoffed the whole platter if I hadn't stopped her at 3! I didn't think she'd ever nap after all that sugar but as soon as the party died down and we started walking home she crashed out for a solid 2 hours.

 Hubble Bubble

Today has been much quieter. I cut up 3lbs of oranges on Saturday evening and let them soak overnight in a little water. Then this afternoon once I'd caught up on various jobs I popped it into my brand new Jam pan and got some Marmalade on go.

 Just made

Just over 2 hours later I have 4 large jars of Marmalade ready for Hubby's morning toast. 2 have been flavored with a shot of whiskey for a little extra kick. Tomorrow I need to start processing a pile of huge cooking apples.
 What have been up to this weekend?

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