Tuesday 3 December 2013

Frugal Christmas windows

Did anyone else see that gorgeous sunset last night? The beautiful pink sky made everything in the town glow in the most beautiful way. I was so taken by it I snapped this shot as I crossed the park on my way home. Not a bad picture for a phone camera.

This morning the D's and me have been making some window decorations and watching Snow White. Okay so they watched Snow White while I made some decorations! As hard as I tried to catch their interest they just weren't getting it today.
 On the way home from picking up DD from preschool I have been collecting "nice" twigs. I've been letting them dry in a vase on the dresser for few days until we had enough. With a few simple knots and some hairy string I now how two very festive looking stars to hang.

I also knocked up a few paper snowflakes from a gift catalogue I picked up a while back. I like looking through gift catalogues for ideas each year but it's so wasteful to just chuck them away after a flick through. My whole window has cost me pennies to decorate so far. I estimate 1p for tape to stick the snowflakes and another penny for the string which I can reuse after Christmas anyway.

And as requested by Angela over at Tracing Rainbows here is my progress on the Christmas jumper I've been working on. Just the antlers to knit and then I'm onto the sewing up and collar. I'm hoping to have it finished by the weekend.

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