Saturday 7 December 2013

Foody Christmas

 We have just finished hanging our homemade Christmas decorations on the tree. We decided that as we are moving home just after Christmas and we need to use lots of things up that this year is a Foody Christmas. So we will be decorating our tree every so often with a selection of foody treats for everyone to enjoy. Currently we have a choice of coconut and cherry or orange and ginger shortbread hearts.
 We are also planning popcorn and peanut garlands, stained glass biscuits, gingerbread people (how PC!) and whatever the Internet shows us in the mean time.
 I have also just put a few pounds of sliced orange into some lemon juice and water to soak ready for marmalade making so watch this space for that to :)

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  1. What a nice idea! I always intend to make some little biscuits for the tree but never get round to it, and end up hanging up some of the chocolate ones from the shop :-) That jumper you're knitting is just amazing.


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