Sunday 15 December 2013

Busy as a bee.

  The fun just doesn't stop here and the Frugal Home. On Friday it was DD's school play, she was a Christmas star. After the performance there was a special visitor who arrived to give all the children presents.

And because he is a magical chap, Father Christmas also knew Baby D would be there (along with all the siblings in the audience) and brought them all a  little something too.

And finally I wanted to show you my attempt at Angela's Chocolate Mountain Pudding. I haven't got any icing sugar to decorate it, and due to moving soon I don't intend to buy any until we are in our new pad. But I do think it looks delicious enough with the Swiss roll edges alone. We had a few slices between us all last night and it was a huge success. Thank you Angela! I've tucked the recipe into my stash already to make again for New Years.

x x x

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