Sunday 29 December 2013

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  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Bloggy buds. The Frugal household was spoilt rotten your be pleased to hear. 
Yesterday DD and I busted out a card making kit we'd received.( We actually got one each!) and while Baby D was napping we made several cards for later in the year. The pack was stuffed full of backing papers, toppers, stick on jewels, ribbons and lots more so we had a whale of a time.

 DD was very proud of her work which is rather complex and about an inch thick lol.

I have also started my spring cleaning by cleaning out the vacuum cleaner. I'd noticed over Christmas it had lost some sucking power without the container being full up. So I took it to pieces over a carrier bag and gave everything a good clean off. Tip for life; Use a paintbrush or toothbrush to clean out the filter to get into all those nooks and crannies. After about 20 minutes I was done and my vacuum is as good as new! 

And finally a little peek at my latest project which is part of DD's birthday present in March. Not much time to knit over Christmas but I am already on square three of twelve.

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