Thursday 15 August 2013

What a day!

 Our poor shop no longer has the majority of it's ceiling thanks to someone in the flats above it. Apparently he started the water running for the washing up and fell asleep. So not only was it raining in our shop, it was red hot boiling rain.

The scariest thing was OH dropped some stock off earlier this morning and commented that he thought he heard dripping, I said we'd park the car and then investigate. By the time we parked the car and walked back to it (about 4-5 minutes) we'd started loosing ceiling tiles. Just 10 minutes later and OH would have been watching the kids in the shop while I was at knitting. Luckily though no one is hurt.
 We just need to wait till Monday for the electrician to check if the circuits are dry yet. Then we can start to see what is and isn't damaged.

 On the positive side though, OH now has a long weekend off with us. Might even get him out berry picking with us tomorrow and get some Blackberry Fizz started for the winter. I will tell you more tomorrow.

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  1. I really sorry to hear about this. You poor things.

    Sft x


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